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David loves painting with watercolours and acrylic as they are rich in colour, have quick drying times, are not-toxic and have easy clean-up.


David is inspired to paint from the world around him and especially in nature. He enjoys trying to capture nature’s moods, colours and textures. He also appreciates well designed and crafted human made structures that complement the natural landscape.


David also enjoys painting animals with all their different colours, shapes and textures. He is interested in domestic as well as wild animals in all sizes and species.


Davis’s exploration into the human form has been mostly through life drawing. He wants to explore the portrait and figure more through painting and is open to doing commissions in this area. Figures are featured in some of his themed paintings.


Lastly, David’s themed pieces are for specific art shows or “just for the fun of it” paintings. Enjoy!

Landscape & Architecture




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