David’s motivation to illustrate started when he was very young and fell in love with children’s books, comics, and animation.


David would spend hours drawing from his favorite characters such as Peanuts, The Pink Panther, and Mickey Mouse. Later on he drew inspiration from Mad Magazine, marvel Comics and as a teenager, Heavy Metal Magazine. Some of David’s favorite artists are comic book illustrators, Charles Vess, Linda Medley, Wally Wood, Mike Wieringo, Craig Thompson and Scott Chantler. As far as children’s books go his favorite artists include Maurice Sendak, Arthur Rackham, E.H. Shepard (Winnie the Pooh) and John Tennie (Alice in Wonderland).


David’s passion for illustration comes from his love of nature based stories in myths and legends as well as true stories about legendary pioneers for people and planet.

Greeting Cards


Polar Bears Sledding
Bears Decorating Tree
Boreal Chistmas
Santa Sledding w/Polar Bears
Polar Bears Skating
Christmas Dragon
Christmas Dragon Blk.+Wht.
Christmas Workshop
Christmas workshop(Blk.+Wht.)
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Chinese Astrology

Year of the Rat(12"x16")
Year of the Tiger(12"x16")
Year of the Monkey(12"x16")
Year of the Rooster(12x16")
Year of the Dragon(12x16)
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Comic Books

Forsaken pg.1
Forsaken Cover Pg.
Forsaken pg.2
Storm Rider Cover
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Flying Dragon(chest print)
Dragon Hoard (back print)
Stonehenge Dragon
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Werewolf Woodsman
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