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David was born in England in 1967. His parents immigrated with him and his sister to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1969. David grew up in Winnipeg where his dad, seeing his passion for art enrolled him in classes at the Winnipeg Art Gallery at the age of eight. At the same time his dad introduced him to canoe camping and outdoor recreation, which developed his love of nature.


It was in high school when David decided to become a commercial artist and earned himself a scholarship to Red River Community College where he received a diploma in Advertising Art. Since then David has created T-shirt designs, greeting cards, children’s illustrations, comic book illustrations, tattoo designs, and landscape concept drawings.


While living on the West coast of Canada, David decided to go back to school to improve on his skills and studied Fine Art at Langara College in Vancouver. Here he further developed his skills in drawing, painting and sculpture.


From the experience at Langara college David has created architectural, landscape, figurative and themed paintings for art shows and commissions. He has also sculpted gargoyle book ends for retail outlets in Vancouver, had sculpture commissions and sold Christmas figurines at craft shows.


David has also had experience teaching life drawing and human anatomy at Arts Institute in Vancouver, Canada. This multi-talented artist enjoys creating realistic and fantastic art where he draws his inspiration from nature and stories. David works in pencil, brush and ink, watercolour, acrylic and clay.

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